Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snophing in the Snow

It's winter!!! Snowpea's favourite time of year!!!! Today, she ate, sat on and lay down in the snow...and then I watched in amazement as she RAN IN THE SNOW! It's has not even been a week since we learned she was ill. We are awaiting Steve's return from work today - I think we'll go out for a small walk in the pasture...Wooly & all. I've created links to some of the most helpful information we've come across. Some of it is animal-specific, but ALL of the natural treatments for cancer have been used successfully for both human & animal cancer cases. All we can do is take things day by day, enJOY Sophie, and ensure she is enjoying quality of life....we can be optimistic, but not attached to the outcome, just grateful for what IS. We love you,Soph!

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear sophie is enjoying the snow! Leah and Steve you are amazing!We love you all so much..
love wendy and michael
hugs and kisses to Sophie.. and tell her that the dog park is waiting for her in Edmonton!