Saturday, January 12, 2008

Four years full of love and joy

I'm finally writing this. After a good Christmas & many visits from family & friends, Sophie's physical health took a big decline on new year's day. Although it didn't seem that Soph was suffering too much, she was showing weakness & discomfort on that day & somehow I knew that this would be our last day together (at least in the physical furry-wagging kind of way). We cancelled all our plans and stayed home with Soph all day - just hanging out & being together. In the evening, we decided to watch a movie in bed (so we could be near her), and any time one of us would leave the room, Soph would raise her head and look at us as if to say "where do you think you're going" Just before 10 pm, I had the feeling we should turn the movie off & that Sophie needed us. Maybe it was intuition? Maybe Sophie was communicating this to me? In either case, Steve and I listened. And we were petting Sophie & talking to her as she peacefully slipped away from her body, into the Spirit World. Steve told her beautiful things & I chanted yoga prayers for a safe journey. It was an amazing & graceful experience for all of us, including Wooly & Patch, who were both there in the room, helping in their own way, i'm certain. She was exactly four years old (to the day Although we miss her physicality, we know she is with us, and up to her usual tricks! Early the other morning, I went into the was still pre-dawn & I was looking out the window, saying "good morning Sophie!" which she responded by turning on the lamp! (this made me laugh with delight!!)). We are all learning how to be without Sophie in her doggie-form, and how to be with her in her spirit-form. Wooly and Patch are adjusting quite well. Thank you everyone for your prayers, support, and love. I know that Sophie receives them all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

coming around the bend

It's been a while since i've posted anything - mostly, i suppose, because there's been so much going on. Despite keeping things simple during the Christmas season, the days are so short & it seems we go to bed earlier and earlier. So, what does Steve want for Christmas? ...for Sophie to feel better.... and i am pleased to say that it looks as though he's getting his wish! It seems Sophie is coming around the bend of a "healing crisis" - which is to say that she seems to be strong enough that her body is healing itself. It's a "miracle" really (which i do believe in, by the way) and Dr. Martin Goldstein's book tributes a whole chapter to this phenomenon. We can't be sure that this is what is happening, although it came up positive using applied kinesiology (ie. muscle testing). Using this method of communication, we also get that her overall level of health is up to 77%, and that the cancer is indeed "shrinking." There are daily changes & we have had to make shifts to accomodate Sophie's needs: she is getting her nutrients in liquid form for the time being (yogurt with soy protein by nature's sunshine, reishi mushroom extract, milk thistle extract, and spirulina). she doesn't seem to mind this (it actually tastes great!) Righ now she is not taking the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), only the Neoplasene ("Sarcoma Salve"). She's sleeping through the night & up at the crack of dawn, asking to go outside to lie in the snow. Her tail is wagging more these days & she has increased energy. It has been one month today since she was first diagnosed with cancer. In Dr. Goldstein's book, he notes that he always reads aloud to cancer patients' owners/caretakers the following quote from Emmanuel's Book: "If we could launder the word 'cancer', hang it out in the sun to dry and bring it in bleached white and beautiful, I promise you that there would be less cancer and less death from it. Souls would choose other ways. The issue of cancer is the issue of fear-cancer brings a message of fear-that is so prevalent in all your world. And so the illness must be dealt with squarely as fear. Once cancer is cured there will be something else. People have to deal with fear because it is one of the greatest denials of the reality of God."

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

family photo time

It's somewhat challenging to get the whole family "organzied" for a family photo, but we managed to pull it off. So here is our official family photo 2007 (and it's a good thing we took it yesterday, as today the snow is sadly melting away.) We brought Sophie into town yesterday & stopped by the vet clinic to weigh her .... and we're happy to say that she's gained nearly two pounds!!! Among our other errands in town, we picked up our lamb fat that was sent from a sheep farm north of kamlooops via greyhound. Perhaps we can get her fattened up even more? Steve saw her enjoy the fat yesterday, but I have yet to see her eat it. We also stopped by Higher Ground (our local health food store) & Soph got to meet Heidi there, who she seemed quite fond of. The days right now are restful - whether indoors or out. I've also had some amazing Reiki sessions with Sophie lately. And some neat dreams too. She is an amazing animal & great at communicating with us!! So how is Wooly doing with all of this change?? Well...he seems more at peace actually. I notice a shift in his "craziness" factor since switching to the raw food diet (he is easy to please & will eat ANYTHING....happily!) He's also resting more indoors & receiving energy work too. We are fortunate that our good friend, Inga, comes to visit us all frequently & often takes Wooly for hikes with her. We are all learning, growing, and a good way :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a natural approach

Today we started using the "miracle mineral supplement" and "sarcoma salve", as guided by Dr. Moira Drosdovech of Pawsitive Veterinary Care in Kelowna. (I have included links to these websites at the sidebar.) Soph seems to be enjoying her raw food diet & nutritional supplements (turmeric & astragalus). We also continue to give our animals Colloidal Silver, which also is what helped Steve get rid of the parasites he picked up while traveling in India. I'm finding great information in the book:The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat, by Martin Goldstein, DVM, which I am currently reading cover to cover. Here is Soph enjoying her all-time favourite snack (we can't even spell out the word "C.A.R.R.O.T." in our house without evoking fits of wagging tails. Wooly also likes to remind me where the carrots are, leading me over to the fridge. He too is enjoying his new REAL food....and is also receiving energy work from both of us. Our good friend, Inga, has also taken wooly on some hikes - just her & him - which is pretty special....he ADORES her! There has been quite a shift in our family life this past week - and I have to say, it's for the wellbeing of all of us. Everyone - pet or human - is enjoying better nutrition, exercise, and compassionate care of one another. We are taking time to really be together, which, I think, is what creates the healing environment that our home has become. I continue to be filled with gratitude & wonder.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snophing in the Snow

It's winter!!! Snowpea's favourite time of year!!!! Today, she ate, sat on and lay down in the snow...and then I watched in amazement as she RAN IN THE SNOW! It's has not even been a week since we learned she was ill. We are awaiting Steve's return from work today - I think we'll go out for a small walk in the pasture...Wooly & all. I've created links to some of the most helpful information we've come across. Some of it is animal-specific, but ALL of the natural treatments for cancer have been used successfully for both human & animal cancer cases. All we can do is take things day by day, enJOY Sophie, and ensure she is enjoying quality of life....we can be optimistic, but not attached to the outcome, just grateful for what IS. We love you,Soph!

Monday, November 26, 2007

heart of a buffalo

When Sophie met Calloway , she met her heart-first...and with a heart 4 times the size of ours. This sounded familiar, as this is always the place that Sophie lives from. Today is Monday & we actually slept 9 straight hours last night (we'd been getting up frequently to take Sophie out.) Today, Soph seems to be resting alot, but insisted on going for a walk in the pasture. Her breathing is also much less laboured. Steve has gone into town to pick up her natural medication that was sent via Greyhound from the naturopathic vet in Kelowna. We're learning so much! Between the internet, our team of healing professionals, and a few good books, I can honestly say I know a zillion times more about canine health than I did a week ago. We are using research to compile information & then applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine what is applicable to Sophie at this time, as well as amounts and dosage. I will write more soon regarding the change in nutrition (which includes buffalo heart, liver, and meat) & supplemental natural medicine that we are using in Sophie's healing journey.

Friday, November 23, 2007

a healing journey...together

The past 48 hours have been filled with learning, accepting, discovering.....and all for the love of the sweet soul that is our pup, sophia. We're mostly sharing aLOT of time together and connecting deeply, as we always have. The days right now are sunny & cold, so we're enjoying much time by the fireplace and frequent small walks. I find it fascinating how quickly animals can heal - the day after the surgery, Soph & I went for a walk in the pasture (she really wanted to go for a run with Steve & Wooly, but I think that's a bit much.) Her appetite and energy levels are up & she doesn't seem to be in pain. Steve and Soph have been doing quite a bit of Jin Shin Do (acupressure) together. They are so connected! She seems to follow him around the house & wants to be wherever he is. Of course, she likes it best when we are all together :) I too have been practicing Reiki with Sophie, and she will come to me and lie down on her side when she wants to receive it. We've got to give GRATITUDE to the community of amazing healing professionals that have helped us learn about & work with Sophie's condition so that we can best meet her needs: our local vet, naturopathic vet, animal communicator, intuitive healing practitioner, health food store professionals, and to our dear friends who have helped us find these connections. Of course, we also extend our gratitude to each of you who have written, called, and/or kept Sophie in your thoughts & prayers. Love is Healing. This I believe. And without attachment to the outcome, all we can do is give our Love, through our thought, words, and actions.