Tuesday, December 4, 2007

family photo time

It's somewhat challenging to get the whole family "organzied" for a family photo, but we managed to pull it off. So here is our official family photo 2007 (and it's a good thing we took it yesterday, as today the snow is sadly melting away.) We brought Sophie into town yesterday & stopped by the vet clinic to weigh her .... and we're happy to say that she's gained nearly two pounds!!! Among our other errands in town, we picked up our lamb fat that was sent from a sheep farm north of kamlooops via greyhound. Perhaps we can get her fattened up even more? Steve saw her enjoy the fat yesterday, but I have yet to see her eat it. We also stopped by Higher Ground (our local health food store) & Soph got to meet Heidi there, who she seemed quite fond of. The days right now are restful - whether indoors or out. I've also had some amazing Reiki sessions with Sophie lately. And some neat dreams too. She is an amazing animal & great at communicating with us!! So how is Wooly doing with all of this change?? Well...he seems more at peace actually. I notice a shift in his "craziness" factor since switching to the raw food diet (he is easy to please & will eat ANYTHING....happily!) He's also resting more indoors & receiving energy work too. We are fortunate that our good friend, Inga, comes to visit us all frequently & often takes Wooly for hikes with her. We are all learning, growing, and changing...in a good way :)


Miranda said...

Oooh I'm so happy that Sopha is feeling better and you guys are happy!! I can not WAIT to see all of yous at christmas!

laish said...

Look at you guys! I think Patch looks especially lovely in this photo (you all do, but she looks so sweet!)