Tuesday, December 18, 2007

coming around the bend

It's been a while since i've posted anything - mostly, i suppose, because there's been so much going on. Despite keeping things simple during the Christmas season, the days are so short & it seems we go to bed earlier and earlier. So, what does Steve want for Christmas? ...for Sophie to feel better.... and i am pleased to say that it looks as though he's getting his wish! It seems Sophie is coming around the bend of a "healing crisis" - which is to say that she seems to be strong enough that her body is healing itself. It's a "miracle" really (which i do believe in, by the way) and Dr. Martin Goldstein's book tributes a whole chapter to this phenomenon. We can't be sure that this is what is happening, although it came up positive using applied kinesiology (ie. muscle testing). Using this method of communication, we also get that her overall level of health is up to 77%, and that the cancer is indeed "shrinking." There are daily changes & we have had to make shifts to accomodate Sophie's needs: she is getting her nutrients in liquid form for the time being (yogurt with soy protein by nature's sunshine, reishi mushroom extract, milk thistle extract, and spirulina). she doesn't seem to mind this (it actually tastes great!) Righ now she is not taking the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), only the Neoplasene ("Sarcoma Salve"). She's sleeping through the night & up at the crack of dawn, asking to go outside to lie in the snow. Her tail is wagging more these days & she has increased energy. It has been one month today since she was first diagnosed with cancer. In Dr. Goldstein's book, he notes that he always reads aloud to cancer patients' owners/caretakers the following quote from Emmanuel's Book: "If we could launder the word 'cancer', hang it out in the sun to dry and bring it in bleached white and beautiful, I promise you that there would be less cancer and less death from it. Souls would choose other ways. The issue of cancer is the issue of fear-cancer brings a message of fear-that is so prevalent in all your world. And so the illness must be dealt with squarely as fear. Once cancer is cured there will be something else. People have to deal with fear because it is one of the greatest denials of the reality of God."

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