Friday, November 23, 2007

a healing journey...together

The past 48 hours have been filled with learning, accepting, discovering.....and all for the love of the sweet soul that is our pup, sophia. We're mostly sharing aLOT of time together and connecting deeply, as we always have. The days right now are sunny & cold, so we're enjoying much time by the fireplace and frequent small walks. I find it fascinating how quickly animals can heal - the day after the surgery, Soph & I went for a walk in the pasture (she really wanted to go for a run with Steve & Wooly, but I think that's a bit much.) Her appetite and energy levels are up & she doesn't seem to be in pain. Steve and Soph have been doing quite a bit of Jin Shin Do (acupressure) together. They are so connected! She seems to follow him around the house & wants to be wherever he is. Of course, she likes it best when we are all together :) I too have been practicing Reiki with Sophie, and she will come to me and lie down on her side when she wants to receive it. We've got to give GRATITUDE to the community of amazing healing professionals that have helped us learn about & work with Sophie's condition so that we can best meet her needs: our local vet, naturopathic vet, animal communicator, intuitive healing practitioner, health food store professionals, and to our dear friends who have helped us find these connections. Of course, we also extend our gratitude to each of you who have written, called, and/or kept Sophie in your thoughts & prayers. Love is Healing. This I believe. And without attachment to the outcome, all we can do is give our Love, through our thought, words, and actions.

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